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Monty Marsh is a multi-talented entrepreneur, artist, writer, director, and producer with a deep passion for storytelling and innovation. He began his career in business and creative development at Cinemedia Film AG's North American Film Finance Division before transitioning to the creative side of the industry. With a degree in economics from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Monty has a unique understanding of both the financial and artistic aspects of film and entertainment.

Monty's experience packaging projects, employing creative financing, and negotiating deals has proven invaluable in his work across the industry. He has worked his way up from production assistant to become an award-winning director and producer, with a particular focus on commercials, branded content, and film. His groundbreaking work includes directing and co-producing YouTube's first live 360 performance and creating the 'Not Above That' VR experience, which was featured as one of the three best VR music videos by VR Days Europe, made VR Scout’s ‘Essential VR Music Videos’ list, and was showcased by WIRED Magazine.

Monty's talents have not gone unnoticed in the industry. He was selected by Motionpoems, the world’s leading producer of poetry films, to interpret Lee Ann Roripaugh’s poem 'Song of the Mutant Super Boars', and his ideation on his Adidas Originals branded short film was lauded as one of the 'Top 5 Creative Ideas of the Week' by AdAge. SHOOT Magazine recognized him as a 'Director to Watch', and presented his work at the Directors Guild of America in New York.

Monty's hybrid short film NOAH, which was filmed during the pandemic, has been selected for a number of prestigious film festivals, including the Diversity at Cannes Showcase, where it won ‘Best Screenwriting, Holly Shorts, and Brooklyn Film Festival, where it won the Spirit Award. NOAH is a testament to Monty's ability to capture the essence of a story through his unique lens and create work that uniquely resonates with audiences.

Monty is known for his cross-disciplinary thinking and his ability to work across mediums, platforms, and genres. His understanding of culture and his soul-level desire to create work at the intersection of movement, fashion, technology, and film make him a highly sought-after collaborator in the industry. He is a visionary storyteller whose work inspires and entertains audiences across the globe.