Together we will Save the Species!

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‍‍In 2009, before the plight of elephants was a hot-button issue in Hollywood – Monty began working on a solution to their impending extinction. What he quickly realized is that there are great people and organizations around the world who are doing great things on behalf of the elephants. Now more than ever, but unfortunately these efforts are severely fragmented. There is no hub or singular place where someone (regardless of their location) can go to connect with other passionate people around the cause. There is no grass roots structure in place that allows for individual and organizational fundraising, facilitates deliberate and specific calls to action as one cohesive global community, documents global abuse cases through crowdsourcing, educates the general public through creative content creation and strategy not only on the plight of elephants – but also their many magnificent characteristics that make them majestic beings who also share many common traits with humans.

With social media, platform thinking and mobile technology as proven tools that bring people together digitally, and now Virtual Reality storytelling – Monty conceptualized a digital hub (Elephant Uprising) that also serves as a social network designed specifically to address the problem of fragmentation among elephant conservation efforts.   

Monty is gearing up to launch a fundraising campaign to build out the Elephant Uprising digital platform, create content to fill the content strategy pipeline, and facilitate a digital marketing campaign designed to reach a global demographic and spark platform registrations, strategic partnerships and empower agents of change.

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Elephant Uprising is Monty's ‍‍‍passion project.