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Monty Marsh had every intention of pursuing a career on Wall Street after receiving his Economics degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but at the eleventh hour, he decided to instead pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

He spent the following few years in front of the camera, as a model and actor, before joining Cinemedia Film AG's North American film finance division.

While at Cinemedia, Monty was required to research, forecast and present film financing opportunities to the Executive Team. His experience with Cinemedia taught him the value of “story”, and he discovered that his true passion was actually being behind the camera.

Wanting to better understand the art and power of storytelling, Monty began to intently study and scrutinize the works of inspirational directors and photographers. And when Monty was offered a position on the production side of a big-budget commercial, he immediately accepted.

Monty has not looked back since.

Today, Monty specializes in tv / film / music video / VR production, branded content for the Internet, and creative strategy. His work has enabled him to experience virtually every facet of production, including casting, camera, locations (Local 399 Teamster), producing and directing.

Monty has worked on the following notable projects and received the following accolades:

- Serving as the Featured Artist for the Progressive Democrats of America at the California Democratic Convention in 2005, which highlighted Monty’s photography covering the Anti-War Movement across the United States.

- Contributing to then Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign in 2008, which used one of Monty’s photographs of President Obama on a leaflet to appeal to Evangelical voters across the state of Kentucky.

- Monty is an animal rights activist and vegan. In 2009, he was honored as PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian/Vegan Next Door,” after obtaining a record-breaking and unprecedented 205,000 votes.

- Debuting his short film, 'Journey Home', a story about Monty’s personal journey to the Slave Coast of Benin, West Africa, at the 2010 LA Shorts Fest. 'Journey Home' was also an Official Selection and Best Short Documentary nominee of the 2011 Fallbrook Film Festival, fulfilling the scoring criterion of excellence in storytelling, technical execution, and meaningful purpose.

- Making history in 2016 by directing and co-producing YouTube’s first Live 360 performance in collaboration with The Verge and Indy pop artist D∆WN.

- Having his 'Not Above That' VR Experience (premiered by Wired Magazine), and his 2D 'Not Above That' music video ( premiered by NPR) chosen as 'Official Selection(s)' of the Austin Music Video Festival 2016. The VR music video was also a 'Best Interactive Music Video' Award Nominee at the festival. Additionally, it was chosen as one of the three best VR music videos in the field by VR Days 2016 - Europe's largest VR event. VR Scout also included 'Not Above That' on their 'Essential VR Music Videos of 2016' list.

Always ahead of the curve, Monty took an interest in social media and digital marketing several years ago and has continuously educated himself on emerging technology, industry trends and evolving strategies surrounding audience engagement. He completed a digital marketing certification program sponsored by the world's largest content publishing agency - theAudience. As an entrepreneur with an affinity for entrepreneurs, Monty regularly focuses on the most relevant skills of the 21st century.

Monty is currently in development of a cinematic VR series that serves as the main pieces of content for the world’s first Elephant digital platform – ELEPHANT UPRISING. Designed to connect animal lovers, activists, politicians, educators and experts from across the globe, the platform and it’s digital strategy will use the latest technology and social entrepreneurial innovation to be the driving force and global hub for saving the planet’s remaining endangered elephant populations.